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Use of Copyright-Protected Images

References and Links to Service Providers and Other Sites
General Disclaimer:
Information on the WAAND Web site may include links or references to other Web sites, to other organizations, or to commercial entities providing goods and services. Publication of a link or reference is for information only and does not constitute endorsement of Web site content or of any information, goods or services offered by the referenced entities.

Re-Use of WAAND Web Site Information
Content on WAAND Web pages is copyright-protected. Original articles attributed to personal or corporate authors may be protected by copyright held by those author(s). Articles without attribution, and all other >textual content on the WAAND Web site, are governed by a Creative Commons license. You may copy, distribute, or display this textual information for educational or noncommercial purposes if the following restrictions are met:

  1. You must indicate that the re-used information is a direct quote through standard publication practice such as use of quotation marks or indented text.

  2. You must attribute the quoted text to Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND),unless a personal or corporate author is otherwise noted. Use the following format incitations: Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND). Preserving and Organizing your Papers: A Primer for Artists. July 31, 2005. path.htm

  3. You may not alter, transform, or build upon the work.

All still images, moving images, or graphics included on WAAND information pages are copyright-protected and may not be reused without written permission from the WAAND Project Manager.

User Privacy
The WAAND Web site makes no attempt to personally identify individual visitors to the WAAND Web site. To insure content responsiveness and relevance to user needs, usage statistics are gathered and evaluated periodically. A standard software package is used that provides general information about users, specifically:

  1. Domain name from which the user accesses the Internet

  2. Date and time of access

  3. Pages visited Duration of visit

  4. Web site from which the user accesses the WAAND Web site

Concatenated statistics concerning number, duration, and repetition of visits are collated weekly.

Users are encouraged to participate in the WAAND Web site by sending comments, questions, and recommendations for collections and resources to include. We will respond directly to all personal emails. We will maintain the privacy of all users corresponding with WAAND management as recommended for general library reference service policy and practice. We will share the name and content of user communications among WAAND administrators only as needed to respond fully and appropriately to the communication. We will not publish or publicly quote from communications received without the written permission of the correspondent.

WAAND evaluations are conducted periodically as part of the ongoing WAAND assessment process. Users participating in a WAAND survey will be offered a range of privacy options to fit each individual’s need. A privacy option must be selected to submit a completed survey.

Cookies are not currently used in WAAND portals. Cookies are currently used only for WAAND Archive Directory management, to allow organizations to revise their own directory entry without the intervention of WAAND administration.

Use of Copyright Protected Images
WAAND may enable the discovery of images held by participating repositories. Some images are digital and may be directly accessible for download or streaming to the user’s computer. Other images may be unavailable for use or may be made available by the owning organization through a range of availability options, including the purchase of a copy, onsite viewing at the organization, image licensing, etc.

WAAND does not own the rights to any images discovered via a search of the union catalog. Images are generally copyright-protected. Users must contact the holder of the collection (repository) to determine any restrictions for viewing, copying, or otherwise using images discovered at this site. Information about the repository, including contact information, is provided with the descriptive information for each image.