Directory Input Form Help

Thank you for helping us collect information on the location and accessibility of primary source materials about women visual artists active in the U.S. between 1945 and the present. We appreciate your contribution of time, effort, and expertise to make WAAND a valuable and accessible online research tool. We welcome you into the WAAND community of archivists, scholars, artists, and students of all ages.

We have tried to make the WAAND Directory Input Form as user-friendly as possible and to respect your time. The entire Directory Input Form is designed to be completed in about 40 minutes; the Repository Section (15 minutes) will be completed one time only. Please note that each required field on the form appears in red, highlighted by a red bullet; all other questions and responses are optional.

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The Women Artists Archives National Directory is designed to function as a powerful search tool. To create a directory listing, you will first be asked to describe your repository, then to describe one or more eligible collections. The Directory Input Form concludes with three required questions that describe the holdings of each artist or organization represented in the Collection Record.


The Repository portion of the Directory Input Form is designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less. And regardless of the number of Collection Records you wish to list with WAAND, you will only need to complete the Repository section ONE TIME.

You will be asked for public information about your archives and access to your collections for display to directory users. You will also be asked for information about an individual staff member who will serve as your WAAND directory contact. This contact will be used for WAAND administration only; it will not be displayed via any WAAND website.


The Collection survey is the heart of the WAAND directory. You may create a Collection Record for a single named collection or a group collection that includes one or more eligible individuals or organizations. Because WAAND identifies primary source materials about women artists that are housed within larger collections, we will ask you to describe the individual holdings represented in that group collection. Please note that individual women artists and organizations of women artists - such as collectives, alternative spaces, communities, publications, and artists' associations - are all within the scope of WAAND.

Note to archivists: If you have a group collection that comprises the papers of 10 or more artists, please consider contacting WAAND staff before entering the collection; we may be able to help you download your records to our database more efficiently.


Under the "Manage Artists" and "Manage Organizations" sections of the input form there are 10 questions about the artist or organization of artists represented in the Collection Records you have created. Responses to these questions will be checked by staff before being published in the WAAND directory.


As you progress through the directory input form your work is saved automatically. Look for the icons along the left-hand side of the screen that indicate your progress through the form. When you complete a section, select the "SAVE Progress & Go to Main" icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Your login and password enable you to return to your directory records at any time to revise, update, or add to your entries.


For further information or assistance in completing this Directory Input Form, please contact Rutgers University Libraries Special Collections.