ALL ARCHIVAL REPOSITORIES holding primary source materials of and about women visual artists active in the U.S. since 1945 are invited to be included in WAAND, the Women Artists Archives National Directory, an innovative Web directory developed by Rutgers University Libraries. Please list your collections with WAAND and make your holdings known to interested scholars and students around the world. To list or manage your collections in WAAND click here.

WAAND also serves individual women artists and women artists' organizations. Any woman artist who has been, or continues to be, active in the U.S. at any time from 1945 to the present, can create a WAAND directory listing. If the artist holds some or all of her papers or other primary source materials in her possession, and if these papers are organized and conserved in a systematic way, and if the artist is willing to provide access to scholars or other researchers, she may list her studio or home as an archival repository. This repository will house one single collection of papers -- her own. The term "papers" includes all the materials that reflect on the artist’s life and work, such as letters, sketchbooks, diaries, publications, business records, clipping files, photographs, and memorabilia. The WAAND online directory input form can be accessed and completed by the artist at For further guidance, please contact WAAND staff.

WAAND is designed to become a powerful research tool for scholars, students, artists, and collecting institutions around the world. WAAND directs users to the location of the papers of contemporary women visual artists and to the records of organizations of women artists active in the U.S. since 1945.

WAAND founding participants include the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution; Fales Library and Special Collections, New York University; Hatch-Billops Collection, Archives of African American Cultural History; and the Museum of Modern Art Archives. Principal Investigators are Dr. Ferris Olin and Judith K. Brodsky, founding directors of the Institute for Women & Art at Rutgers.

For further information or assistance, contact Rutgers University Libraries Special Collections.